Discovering south Korea!

This is a short shout out to help raise funds for one of my writing friends who is headed to south Korea. He is going to cover politics, culture and cuisine. So any help would be greatly appreciated to help him reach his goal and then he will share the amazing things going on overseas. Below is the link to beacon to help out.

Five Minute Friday: Fill

so today’s topic is fill and that just brings to mind how we all fill up our days with appointments, work, social life. That sometimes we can’t keep it all we have to put on the breaks and get rid of some of the things we have picked along our journey. Everyone I feel is a packrat about something most of my family is filling their lives so much that it can make you sick and worse if it’s prolonged. Just one time a day stop for ten minutes and just look around i mean really look around what do you see? what do you hear? Where are you? taking it all in and breathe in and out to relax you will be surprised by something you didn’t notice before because your so full and nothing beats being full of work or promises tasks that we feel we have to do right then. some of those things don’t matter anywhere near as much as our family happiness or even our own so even if your full take a moment and let some of that out!