Five Minute Friday: Exhale

I have anxiety to a point that sometimes i have to physically run away and hide from people as i have a panic attack. This started when i was nine, i have lived with this for longer then i did without it while i hate it i also feel that because of the difficulties it helps me understand people.  Every one tells me to exhale to breathe through something that feels like your dieing and can in fact give me a very real heart attack. Please no matter who you are where you are take a deep breath and exhale instead of thinking about all the things you have to do today tell someone something true about yourself and listen to how they answer you. Share your point of view and learn about how others interact with the world it would amaze you at how beautiful and intricate the world is to some people yet you may just walk past without noticing anything.

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorites Edition

These are my all time favorite songs from artists around the world. I really wanted to share this since most of the time people think I only listen to one genre and ignore the rest yet there is so much interesting music in the world today.
10. Sara Bareilles – Fairytale

9. Marianas Trench – Beside You

8.Hilltop Hoods “the hard road”

7.Eminem – The Monster (Explicit) ft. Rihanna

6.The gazette “filth in beauty”

5.The Rasmus “Sail away”

4. No minwoo “Can i love you”

3.Beast “lightless”

2. Insooni ” Goose’s dream”

1. Miyavi “guard me”

We all have our favorite songs no matter where we grow up or how old we are we can connect with music in any language. Music is an art and allows us to portray ourselves or find a way to express what we feel in any circumstance. People are born to sing, speak and move our society’s is the one to lay limits on what we do thankfully technology has progressed that we can use it to share art and connect. I hope your enjoy my favorites and post some of your all time favorites!

Adieu my internet friends

Music Monday: Psy Edition “Hangover

Let me start off by saying I am so happy to have PSY comeback I really do look up to him due to his long career but he did finally make the song his new group of fans have been asking for. First off gangnam style blew up because of Psy approach to music videos and not even the message it had but with memorable chorus it took him places. Then he felt it necessary to stay with the same style and approach for gentleman while making another great dance track that the English-speaking world let fall flat on its face. So he knew more and more fans were asking for an English collaboration song then he went to the man who loves to party, also the same guy whose close to YG entertainment with a similar style, Snoop Loin! Once I had heard who he was collaborating with I knew it was going to be a slow hip-hop track with both just having fun doing something they both have been successful in for quite sometime. Now to discuss the issue of cameos yes the two ajumas they meet are very well-known Korean actresses, then Gd pops in (no GD is not on the track he just had a cameo on the video over PSY rapping) and finally beautiful CL.

This song is really not that bad lyric wise since PSY usually has clean lyrics just not children themes so he has been 19+ rating alot but it is actually quite easy to get the teen rating for adult or sexually themes. Snoop Lion did out do himself I enjoyed the message, the lyrics, and the delivery which is surprising since I don’t like much of his later work of course because he has not had words just slang as lyrics. the video started off very funny and flowed right into the song taking them on a very korean night adventure with soju and soju bombs I want to know who actually set up the soju bomb domino maze they have to be very skilled at bar-tending. The ajumas come over to flirt and it’s off to karaoke with more beer to make the ajumas turn into young korean models confusing PSY I enjoyed the little play on beauty after drinking(everyone looks better after 1 or 3 beers). Then GD pops up to sing a little to the couples dancing then off to a drinking contest between PSY and snoop lion drinking out of bigger and bigger containers while CL just swaggers in a fur coat behind them. Every thing they did while out was very korean way of drinking and socializing that snoop lion followed the korean way to have fun then was just like yup another party let’s go I thought was great. Since the korean way or the american or european way of doing things aren’t better than the others and each Culture has truly unique traditions so I like that the video kept up with that cultural perspective to the main fans of PSY while making it a very international song was fantastic. So I am happy to share a great song with a very normal theme of out on the town drinking but through a another cultures traditions with you and hope you enjoy this track from PSY and Snoop Lion.

Adieu My Internet Friends

Saturday Summary

So this week has been crammed with comebacks and full albums even a little scandal due to those pesky netizens.
Let’s begin with a small MV from perfume to tease the fans with a coupling song “Display” before they release their title track “Cling Cling” on the 16th.

Next U-kiss has final comeback for their mini album “Mono Scandal” joined with Jun their newest makane member (follow on twitter @JuN97L). The title track “Don’t Flirt” MV has been released but the dance choreography was deemed to scandalous to perform on the music shows. So Member Kevin Woo sent out a message to all the kiss me’s apologizing for the 19+ rating.

Crush released their full album “crush on you” with title track “Hug me”.

Jay Park made and released a collaborative English single “Taekwondo”.

ZE:A release their album “First Homme” with title track “breathe” by the brave brothers.

B.A.P release “B.A.P unplugged 2014″ Album with title track “Where are you?”.(great vocal piece for this group who shot the video while promoting in london.)

Davichi finally comes back with “Again” MV. Under their new management they release another compelling song and are not promoting via regular music shows but I will always be a die hard fan for this duo cheering them on in everything they do.

Boyfriend releases “obsession” mv.( When did these cuties grow up I know they work super hard but I will always want them to continue making ballads.)

Then Psy has set the official release of his new song “hangover” Ft. Snoop dog to June 8th! Who else is ready for this collaborative hip-hop track?

Also JYJ’s Yoochun just had his 28th birthday, T-ara’s Jiyeon Turned 21 and Hyuna Celebrated turning 22 this week also.
Which was quite unfortunate for hyuna since a netizen decided to create a fake nude picture and release it across the web cube entertainment is now pursue the suspects to press charges against them. The week wraps up with Brown eyed girls Jea making a cover of pixie lotts “everybody hurt sometimes”.

Adieu My Internet Friends