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Napowrimo: Summer Day

White light so pure that every color is one

Warm breezes carrying every scent

Green grass soft but sharp

The things I remember

A few moments in life are decent

All the others burned into my memory


Hugs that lasted shortly

But are never ending in my mind


The flowers grow and bloom

But fade when the winter comes

Every night seems darker and darker

Till the spring releases  the earth

Flowers bloom again

So I wait through the dark

For the summer breezes

To carry back  the memory’s

Of long ago that hide away

Till another summer day.





Seoul Street

Napowrimo: Wake up!

(This is originally a slam poetry piece. Please enjoy!)

I Wake up 2 o’clock

I cut another brownie out wonder what my hips would say

I lay down roll around think about how many times my upstairs neighbors have had sex this week

They finally finish 5 minutes later

I let the after sex chit chat run through my head like subtitles to a bad Spanish soap opera

Everyone calls it something, Insomnia, restlessness, irritability, tension, Over active mind!

Movie, Book Or drugs.

Netflix is a insomniacs crack

With stimulation and wonderment in every pore and more flavors than baskin robbins ice cream!

The  unskillful pull of wakefulness that keeps me conscience

When all I can do to deal with life is process it through the thick reality of fantasy.

I lost myself within the pages as I live adventurously without taking a step

Or give in to force your body to its job They say just one little pill does it all. They lie!

Sleep is our body’s way to regulate and reset

To balance out the ups and downs and ins and outs were put it through everyday

You don’t get to use your body like your car and just keep pushing it up the hump.

That dirt and grime all those miles collide and build up

Clog your arteries and fog your brain it wont go down the drain.

So i’ll wait letting the seconds tick by till the clock unlocks

Black out in a sea of bliss overcoming the conscience reality

Next morning I act like nothing happened

The daylight warms your soul

While it abates the night my tricky mistress lurks in the dark

I deplore the night

I was nine On the night that I first met 2 am the world laid a riddle at my door

The phones kept ringing and the night grew till the sun brought the news

That’s when I stood on the edge about to fall

We rush through each day feeling as if everything that happens only to us

But again night comes and you lay down your head to rest from the pain Bones weary

As the nights passed I became acquainted with its shadows

2am started to rip away my illusions and confusion

Childhood ignorance is bliss but after the clock strikes 12

The truth seeps through

It told me Santa wasn’t real, that everyone fights, and sometimes love can fade

Jump a decade and still here we are friends

Staying up to meet the morning as the bars close

Fog stuck to my feet as i beat a path home

But yet still everyone around me sits still just a horse hair to long

Those bleary glassy eyes droop closed slowly

As if tiny fairies are fusing their eyelashes together

Sprawled out wherever no need for circumstance or pomp

But I keep knocking around my brain

Doodling canoodling etc.

There is a very thin veil between

Love and hate

Happiness and sadness

Sanity and insanity

That when the sun comes up I can’t always see the difference

So when the night comes again I say no more

Then I begin my mantra and it says: Sleep child It’s okay It’s been a very long day!


Music Monday : Block B jackpot

This song is a catchy remix with great melodies and one great chorus that gives it the sideshow music vibe. They used gimmick into the video to make it fun and creepy following the same lines as previous block b mv’s. Each member got to have a their own verse for their own “sideshow” act in the video. Check out Block B’s new comeback “jackpot” seems they hit the jackpot with this latest release.